About the Exhibition

A Burundian refugee woman carries firewood in Nyarugusu camp, Tanzania. © Luca Sola © Edwin Torres

What is Forced From Home?

Forced From Home is an interactive, free, outdoor educational exhibition presented by Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to raise public awareness about the experience of the world’s more than 65 million refugees and internally displaced people. With an experienced aid worker as your guide, learn about the many challenges people on the move encounter and the work Doctors Without Borders does to address their basic medical needs in a host of settings.

Forced From Home will be traveling to various open air locations around the Pacific Northwest and West Coast of the United States in Fall 2017. Stay tuned for specific city location information.

Why Focus on Refugees?

Over 65 million people are currently fleeing conflict or persecution worldwide. Due to their race, religion, or nationality, these people’s homes are no longer safe places to live and their governments no longer provide them with protection.

Doctors Without Borders works around the world to provide refugees and internally displaced people with everything they need from psychological care to lifesaving nutrition. We set up hospitals in refugee camps, help women give birth safely, vaccinate children to prevent epidemics, and provide access to safe drinking water.

Why an Interactive Exhibition?

© Edwin Torres
© Edwin Torres

While delivering emergency medical care across a wide range of countries and continents, Doctors Without Borders sees firsthand the horrific conditions and suffering that drive people to risk their lives for the chance of a better and safer future.

Forced From Home is designed to raise public awareness about the experience of refugees and internally displaced people, and provides us with an opportunity to speak out on behalf of our many patients around the world who may not have a way to speak for themselves.

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